The Types of Content Every E-commerce Website Should Use in 2018

Content is the essential thing in any e-commerce website. It’s one of the main reasons people build e-commerce platforms. Without content, nobody will be able to know, in details, what you offer. With concentration span shorter these days, it can be very hard to convince prospects to consume your content if its low quality, and most importantly, if the content doesn’t resonate with the modern day shopper. These are the kinds of content that you must have in your e-commerce platforms if you want to be competitive in this day and age:

  • E-commerce platforms need video content

Statistics tell the story. 65% of shoppers will buy a product from an e-commerce store if they watch a video explaining it. Plus, with concentration span shorter (8 seconds) these days, many people prefer to watch videos than to read long sales copies. Video content not only keeps your customers happy but increases your e-commerce platform’s sales. The kinds of videos you shouldn’t miss in your e-commerce platform include editorial videos and explainer videos. Editorial videos are how-to videos. How-to videos are great for sharing knowledge about your products or services. They can help attract lots of customers to your e-commerce websites. Like the name, explainer videos, suggest, they are meant to explain a certain product or service in a shorter time (typically less than a minute). Online searchers like short videos, and so, explainer videos can be great additions to your content marketing strategy.

  • Webinars are important for large e-commerce platforms

Webinars are increasingly becoming popular. In fact, if you visit some large e-commerce websites, you’ll find that they offer webinars every week to keep their customers up to date with new and existing products and services. Webinars are great when you want to talk about a product or service extensively. Therefore, it can be excellent adding to your content marketing strategy.

  • Text content is still important for e-commerce websites

While video content is rapidly growing, the text is still the dominant type of content. The only problem is that business owners don’t know ways to take advantage of it. These days, it’s not about using a lot of keywords to entice search engines. It’s about producing quality content that readers will like. Great content will increase dwell time, reduce bounce rate and ramp up engagement. For e-commerce platforms, product descriptions, how-to articles, listicles, buying guides, interview of an expert and FAQs are some of the most critical text content you should leverage.


If you want to succeed with your e-commerce website today, you’d better leverage all this content types. The primary purpose of starting any business is to make customers happy, and these are the kinds of content that promise to delight your customers.