The Importance of Drag and Drop Functionality for Website Builders

The internet has dramatically transformed human life. People across the globe can connect, and share information in real-time, as well as buy products and services without having to meet face-to-face. And websites play a crucial role in facilitating that. This underscores the importance of having a beautiful and robust website. A beautiful and robust website means it has innovative features that make customers’ lives easier. One of the most important innovative features that can help you design e-commerce websites that delight consumers and make their lives pretty easier is the drag and drop functionality. Ideally, you need to choose a top website builder that comes with a drag and drop functionality to create that kind of website.

What is a drag and drop functionality in website builders?

This is a website functionality that lets you interact with software. In other words, as opposed to writing code, you use a drag and drop software. You simply drag and drop elements, such as text, images, widgets and other features on the screen and position (drop) them anywhere you want. It makes it easy even for someone without web design skills to create a website using e-commerce websites builders.

How drag and drop functionality for e-commerce websites builders work

With a drag and drop functionality, you make use of your mouse to select different elements in the website builder, pick them up by left clicking and position them where you want on the screen by releasing the mouse click. This offers a convenient and very fast way to design your website.

Importance of drag and drop functionality for e-commerce websites builders

The typical way of creating websites using website builders involves writing CSS3 and HTML codes. This is not only time-consuming and energy-draining but also requires an impressive web design and coding skills. Designing e-commerce websites using the drag and drop functionality is easy, intuitive, convenient and adds value to your e-commerce platforms. E-commerce websites builders allow just about anyone to create their e-commerce platform without web design skills and coding knowledge. Drag and drop functionality can help you create a truly unique e-commerce website, rather than relying on premade templates that have been used over and over. Once you are done with dragging and dropping the elements, you only need to publish the e-commerce website and the code is saved automatically in the backend.


While it’s possible to build a minimalistic e-commerce website using a web builder that doesn’t have a drag and drop functionality, the design appeal won’t be close to what a drag and drop website builder provides.